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E&E COMPANY LIMITED is an Agro-Industrial and Trading Company created in 2001 as a Private establishment to acquire, develop and operate extensive plantations of tropical crops. Currently, its plantations cover a total of approximately 28,000 hectares of land, 17,000 Hectares of which is mature and of production stage. The corporation constitutes a workforce of close to 7,000 Direct and indirect employees , making it one of the highest employers in the area. Its major products is Natural Rubber cup lumps, . It operates 9 Rubber Estates, The corporation recently engaged in a number of extension projects to enhance its operations and productivity in the near future. .


Since its creation in 2001, E & E Company LTD has always been aware of its social and environmental impact in the countries where it operates. Taking into account the evolving development challenges, the E & E Company Ltd is working consistently to improve its activities and become the leader in responsible tropical agriculture.

Rubber cultivation has accelerated rapidly over the past ten years and it is expected to continue. Depending on how efficiently the crops are grown, rubber plantations could expand by 8.5 million more hectares of land by 2024, according to one scientific study. Projects that encourage more sustainable rubber tapping practices extend the life of plantations, and thus decrease the need for additional deforestation as existing plantations lose their productivity.

Rubber cultivation is a labour-intensive practice and thus generates rural employment. The Ministry of Agriculture has implemented various projects such as the ‘Accelerated Development of Rubber Plantation’ and ‘Rubber Development’ in the Country. Awareness camps and training programmes are being held for farmers. Besides, subsidies and work.

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