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E&E COMPANY LIMITED is an Agro-Industrial and Trading Company created in 2001 as a Private establishment to acquire, develop and operate extensive plantations of tropical crops. Currently, its plantations cover a total of approximately 28,000 hectares of land, 17,000 Hectares of which is mature and of production stage. The corporation constitutes a workforce of close to 7,000 Direct and indirect employees , making it one of the highest employers in the area. Its major products is Natural Rubber cup lumps, . It operates 9 Rubber Estates, The corporation recently engaged in a number of extension projects to enhance its operations and productivity in the near future. . The major Crop Groups are supported by several services including Medical, Technical, Sales, Supplies and the main Head Office. The Head Office services include the General Manager’s Office, Human Resources, Finance, Management Control, Plan & Development, Communications, Information Systems, Audit, Industrial Safety, and Security departments. At E&E COMPANY LIMITED what we do not produce on our farms we buy from other local growers and suppliers. once u are with us then your journey in search of any tropical products ends here. We also believe in satisfying our clients and this is our top priority. First Come First Serve (FCFS) is our goal no matter how small your orders may be. our main export crop is Naural rubber cup lump and the main export market includes Malaysia with more than 250 containers shipped already, Guatemala with 70 containers now and Panama with 56 conntainers and counting.

We have more than 19 years of experience